Warranty conditions

The following period of warranty is applicable to the Jupio products. The periods of warranty are also mentioned on the package. Should you have any questions concerning the warranty please feel free to contact our customer service.

Alkaline batteries
Coin cell batteries
Lithium batteries

1 year warranty
Rechargeable batteries

2 year warranty
Laptop and notebook batteries
Power tool batteries

3 year warranty
Battery digital camera and camcorder
Battery mobile phone
Storage battery chargers
Battery chargers
Battery grips

DOA means ´Dead on arrival´, you received a defective article. The DOA-warranty is applicable to all not rechargeable products.

Defective storage batteries
As the life span of a storage battery is always limited, the warranty conditions which relate to the storage batteries deviate from the regular warranty conditions. In the course of time power reduces due to normal use. The more intensive the use, the sooner power loss will occur. Besides, power also reduces due to storage. In case the battery is stored prolonged, full power loss might occur.

Power means: The number of ampere-hours, symbolized by mAh. The power indicates how long you can use the storage battery before you  have to charge it again.

When is your storage battery defective?
A defective storage battery can’t store, maintain or give off power anymore. Regular power loss due to use and age is not considered to be a defect.

No warranty
1. Defects caused by incompetent use.
2. If repairs have taken place.
3. In case of bump-, fall- or water damage.
4. In case of short circuit (charger or storage battery).
5. If a storage battery is stored uncharged prolonged.
6. Power loss of storage battery due to use and age